28 Nov-3 Dec 2016 Cotonou (Benin)


For several decades now, surveys have been used to shed light on the development of Africa. The data collected are used to compare different populations and track various phenomena through time. Such studies provide decisions-makers with valuable and objective insights into all aspects of society. Nevertheless, one can deplore that the systematic and efficient use of the statiscal methods in all the areas of activity is still limited as well a the statistical education of citizen and the training of statisticians.

Scope of the conference

The main objectives of this conference can be formulated as follows:

  • Provide a framework for exchanging experiences and knowledge to specialized professional in statistics and stochastic modelling as well as users of these methods interested in the development issues in Africa.

  • Promote scientific research in statistics and stochastic modelling in Africa.

  • Promote the application of statistics and stochastic modelling and their use as tools to help decision making in all areas of social and economic activity as well as policy making in Africa.

  • Improve the transfer of knowledge and experience in statistics and stochastic modelling.

  • Enhance pan-African networks for research in statistics and stochastic modelling and applications for development in Africa.


Organizing academic institutions

The organization of SADA'16 is carried by the following academic institutions:


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